In life, finding a voice is speaking and living the truth. Each of you is an original. Each of you has a distinctive voice. When you find it, your story will be told. You will be heard.
~ John Grisham


The profound simplicity of life sometimes amazes me, when in fleeting moments, I catch a vision of the whole. Ernest Holmes eloquently summarized our position in life when he penned the following words…

Perfect God, Perfect Man, Perfect Universe.

What does he mean by that? He is referring to the inherent perfection residing within every one and every thing. In those inspired moments when Life seems to open Itself up to me and I am in conversation with It, I too come to realize that there is a spiritual perfection underlying life, and that everything that aligns itself with that perfection is blessed. Everything out of harmony with that perfect essence is marked by struggle and discord.

So simple, and yet we spend our days tying ourselves up in knots, trying so hard to live our best life. For example, when we truly desire to experience increased good in our lives, where do we find our expectation residing? Do we actually believe in our worth and our right to have this good; or do we instead find our predominate focus on uncertainty and fear, vainly hoping that God will forgive us our trespasses; or that this time Karma will wash out on our side? The underlying intent to which we approach something dictates the outcome. If by chance we should somehow, through sheer will power, achieve a thing, it will be short lived; or else some other good shall be snatched from us, until we grow in consciousness equal to the thing desired. It is the law of cause and effect, as well as a universal principle, that our outer life experience always equals our inner state of consciousness, which is the sum total of our beliefs.


What we’re not fully embracing is our underlying majesty. We are the Divine essence from which the universe was made! There is no error or mistake to us or Life. We are each unique and perfect, and therefore every experience we have on earth is perfectly right for us and our continued spiritual unfoldment.

The challenge humankind faced upon emergence of conscious, self-directed life on earth was the capacity to think both affirmatively and erroneously. We must, now, decisively choose to release thoughts and beliefs of low energy and embrace their positive opposite. Whether these thoughts are related to our personal lives or that of collective humanity, we must place our expectations only on the highest thoughts for the greatest possible outcome. As we systematically replace lower negative beliefs and expectations with those of a higher nature, Life will rush in to support the truer, more aligned thought pattern. We do not have to manipulate or force Good to be Good or God to be God. We don’t have to change reality because it already is perfect. We simply must align ourselves with it.



  • I invite you now to scan your thoughts and underlying beliefs about yourself. Where might there be some resistance toward belief in your own worthiness and true perfection? Can you identify a particular time in your life when your belief about yourself shifted from one of self confidence and esteem to a more diminished sense of self worth?
  • Another good approach toward assessing your alignment with inherent perfection and your sense of self worth is to repeat the following affirmation to yourself, summoning up as much conviction as possible.

I am completely worthy of all the great good I desire.

What feelings accompany these words of truth? Your degree of inner backtalk reveals your depth of self love or self rejection.

If you suspect that you might require a perspective rewrite, spend some time each day contemplating the beauty of life and your own innate perfection. As you begin, it makes no difference whether you doubt these truths because as you continue focusing on and affirming your good a positive change will unfold for you. You will come to know yourself from that spiritual presence within.

So, does God’s perfection really exist within you? All you have to do is go to the mirror…take a deep breath…look into the eyes of that precious being staring back at you, remembering as within so without, and you’ll know the answer…smile, and say YES!