In life, finding a voice is speaking and living the truth. Each of you is an original. Each of you has a distinctive voice. When you find it, your story will be told. You will be heard.
~ John Grisham

Monthly Archives: October 2012


“Within every adversity is its own silver lining. Within every sacrifice is its vindication. Within every martyr is its redeemer. There comes no impediment in the human condition except that its greater emancipator arises. Within every moment of every life rests the fullness of God and thus unlimited potential for change and healing. No matter what the condition or circumstance, no matter when the time frame, no matter what the apparent challenge, part and parcel to the human condition is its sacred counterpart.”  ~ Thou Shalt Love Thyself            ~  Sandy Schwartz

I had been struggling with a deadline for getting an article finalized and prepared for publication for over a week. As a writer fresh inspiration wasn’t the problem this time, however weaving the many inspirational threads into a coherent read was. Finally, finally the end was in sight. I had the rough draft nearly complete and it just needed a few finishing touches. I decided to take time out for a brief meditation to view the final piece with fresh eyes. As is sometimes the case in our new recliner, I drifted off into a pleasant snooze. The next thing I knew, it was 3:00 AM and my lap top was engaging in its automatic download of Microsoft updates. After the updates were complete Microsoft went through its characteristic shut down and restart. This would not normally have been a problem, however this time my auto-save feature didn’t function! All of the work I had poured over the evening before was gone. After trying every technique I could think of, I finally realized it was lost in the belly of the whale, possibly forever. How could this have happened? I felt such a sense of futility. I had worked so hard. (Drats…foiled by Bill Gates once again!)

Deep into the throws of a giant “pity party” an idea surfaced that changed everything; I realized I was at a point of choice. I had no idea why such a loss would have happened or how it could possibly result in anything good, but I sensed something very positive starting to enter my awareness. I could choose to continue the downward spiral of gloom and defeat, or I could choose to step into another possibility, a new perspective that affirmed the potential for something wonderful coming about in spite of appearances.

I further realized that even if nothing good ever directly came of my loss, I was releasing an energy pattern that I had been repeating, perhaps for years. My awareness was that when something negative and out of my control happens, I am no longer the helpless victim bound to an automatic reaction. I could choose a more conscious response. I could choose to trust beyond the facts and appearance. And, in so doing, I would be changing my focus from one of fear and loss into one of faith.

Every moment offers us opportunities for transformation, if we have eyes to see the possibilities. Problems are actually vehicles to assist us in bringing to our awareness an existing negative or limiting belief held in consciousness. Usually such a belief is held at a subjective or subconscious level, of which we may not even be aware. The challenge gives us the opportunity to view, dislodge, and then release the negative or limiting belief, allowing us to refine our energy system and rise in consciousness to a new and healthier level. With this shift in perspective, problems truly are opportunities to grow.

What adversity might be looming ahead for you today? Can you see the silver lining in what at first glance might appear only dire and frightening? If so, realize in that very moment you are shifting, not only the energy content of that experience and how you feel about it, but you are also decreasing the likelihood of encountering such an experience in the future. You really do have a choice to turn those apparent stumbling blocks into stepping stones. At the end of the day with the gift of adversity you really do have a choice. The question is what shall that choice be?



  • The next time you find yourself engulfed in a pang of unjustified fear consider seeking the opportunity this problem might bring. Try this exercise:
    1. Take a long slow deep breath, then relax.
    2. As you exhale imagine yourself releasing all sense of fear and negativity.
    3. Then, as you inhale, feel a deep sense of trust and well-being filling your awareness.
    4. Repeat this process for three breaths. As you do this you are transmuting the negative fear based energy into one of faith and transcendence.
  • Spend some time contemplating the idea that “nothing is ever lost.” Because we all live beyond time and space, there is no “where” for anything to go. The next time something appears to be lost, try affirming instead, “We all live within God and nothing of value to us is ever lost.”
  • Spend some more quiet time considering the idea that everything is always moving in the direction for your highest good, trusting that this is so.