In life, finding a voice is speaking and living the truth. Each of you is an original. Each of you has a distinctive voice. When you find it, your story will be told. You will be heard.
~ John Grisham

Monthly Archives: June 2012


“Everything is connected–every second has meaning if we are willing to seek to follow that inner thread of our thought that weaves one moment to the next; in other words, every thought we have ties together the fabric of our life.” ~ Dennis Merritt Jones

As we walk through our days our usual orientation is to think we are moving through objects and space outside of ourselves, objects that have only marginal connection or meaning for us. Everything, however, is both intricately connected to everything else and vibrantly alive.

Yes, everything is alive, part of a living Universe, part of the One. We often think of matter as inanimate, inert, and lifeless. But teaming within any so called inanimate object, life is spinning and rearranging itself at thousands of miles per second, far beyond the human capacity to fathom with our five senses.

And as well as being vibrantly alive, let us further consider the intimacy of our connection within the whole. We are living and breathing within Life Itself, within God. And our every thought and action is connected to and influences the whole. There is a lovely story from the ancient Hindu tradition which further illumines this idea. It states that a single butterfly flapping its wings in deepest Africa affects the weather on the other side of the planet, in our very own communities, in our very home. As we consider the deeper meaning this has for our individual lives we can better understand the vital connection our inner thoughts, words, and actions play in constructing our outer life, and how intimately our life experience touches those around us, near and far, for better or worse.

Life is one continuous whole, interwoven and seamless in its splendor. The inner becomes the outer and the outer becomes the inner, ad infinitum. As an example years ago, while vacationing with my family and driving our RV down the coast of California, I found an interesting ring at a goldsmith’s in Mendocino. I instantly loved this ring and upon considering its shape more closely I realized it was an abstraction of a form that held great meaning for me from my early years of metaphysical study. It held a striking resemblance to the Mobious Strip. The Mobious Strip is a mathematical form, an unbroken circular band with a 180 degree twist in it, thereby connecting the inner and the outer planes into one unbroken whole. As you observe it from any perspective, the outer band becomes the inner band and the inner band becomes the outer band, seamlessly, without end.

I find this shape to be a powerful symbol for the workings of our lives. Our every thought matters and influences the next thought and the next, which in turn colors our emotions, which then finds an outlet through our words, which are backed up by our actions; all of these find a comfortable landing spot deep within our belief system. This, then, gives rise to a strengthened version of our original thought. And thus we begin again, only this time with slightly more resolve and conviction in the correctness of our original position (whether flawed or accurate), as our beliefs have now gained validity upon entering the world of form.

What this ultimately means for us is the more conscious we can become, both of our choices and the stored content of our subjective mind, the more we can be the captain of our own ship as we navigate down the long passageways of our life, living the life we have come here to live, and sharing the gifts that are ours to give.



  • Spend some time each day in absolute silence allowing Life to share its love and wisdom with you.
  • Focus some time today contemplating the connectivity of all Life.
  • Further, consider the possibility that everything is vibrantly alive and of utmost importance to you.